TMS Insights: A Comprehensive Workshop on Non-Invasive Depression Treatment

Tentative Dates: May 13 and 17 | Venue: 200 WorkBar, Framingham, MA

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The neuroscience technologies listed below provide open access to collaborate with neuromodulation device innovators and/or product specialists with the goal of the researcher achieving their research modalities apart from us, ensuring that the researcher maximizes the utilization of the device.

Brainwave Bulletin

The assessment of interhemispheric imbalance using functional near-infrared spectroscopic and transcranial magnetic stimulation for predicting motor outcome after stroke

Songmei Chen, Xiaolin Zhang, Xixi Chen, Zhiqing Zhou, Weiqin Cong, KaYee Chong, Qing Xu, Jiali Wu, Zhaoyuan Li, Wanlong Lin, Chunlei Shan

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Founded in 1991, Jali Medical has been a partner with researchers and clinicians throughout the history of non-invasive brain stimulation. Our extensive knowledge comes from our years of experience and collaborations with our partners and clients.

Jali Medical specializes in the distribution of neurotechnologies, such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and Transcranial Direct Current/Electric Stimulation (tDCS/tES), electrophysiology (EEG, EMG), neuronavigation, cognitive, behavioral, and movement assessment research devices. We are committed to providing our end-users with the highest quality neuroscience equipment and accessories. Our devices have been used in hundreds of seminal research studies and are the preferred devices for prominent research-clinical institutions.

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