Devices By Application


TMS Devices

Magnetic stimulation induces a small transient electrical current in human tissue using a very strong magnetic field. The magnetic field is created by passing current through a coil held close to the area of the body to be stimulated. It is safe, comfortable, non-invasive and used widely in research and therapy.

Neuronavigation Devices

Neuronavigation allows for precise placement of a magnetic stimulating coil by utilizing a stereoscopic camera that monitors the location of both the coil and the site.

tDCS / tES Devices

Transcranial electrical stimulation uses a constant, low current delivered to the area of interest via electrodes. Our devices give researchers access to more complex.

Neurophysiology & Functional Assessment

EEG Devices

Jali Medical specializes in EEG systems that are compatible with electrical and magnetic stimulation. These robust systems are able to operate in high-noise.

Biofeedback Devices

An electrocardiogram is a painless, noninvasive way to help diagnose many common heart problems in people of all ages.

EMG Devices

Electromyography involves recording the electrical activity of skeletal muscles. In conjunction with Transcranial Magnetic stimulation, EMG can be used to measure a motor-evoked potential.

Eye Tracking Devices

Binocular eye tracking platforms allow for high-accuracy measurements of gaze behavior in real and virtual environments. Designed for naturalistic applications.


Wearable digital biomarker, a machine learning engine leverages unique features that identify, quantify, and monitor the complex neurophysiological impairments throughout the body.

Tactile Stimulator

Our systems allow for the quantitative assessment of sensorimotor performance, neurologically based motor deficiencies, and brain function deficits.


Kinarm gives neuroscientists and clinician-scientists a “window” on brain function that is both objective and quantitative. It is a solution to the lack of precision and consistency in neurological assessment.

Data Acquisition & Analysis


Life science data acquisition and analysis system that range from a simple chart recorder to complex applications requiring stimulus generation, data capture, scrolling or triggered displays, control of external equipment and custom analysis.

Items marked with* are investigational devices and for research use only. CAUTION - Investigational Device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.