Kinarm End-Point Lab*

Kinarm End-Point Labs™ are sophisticated platforms to monitor and manipulate the arm by hand grasp alone in 2-dimensional space. The lab has one or two graspable robot(s) that can create highly complex mechanical environments. The labs are modular, ranging from a single stand-alone robot to a full lab with two robots, integrated virtual reality and data acquisition systems.

System Components
  • One or two Kinarm End-Point robots for the upper limbs

  • Desktop display or 2D virtual/augmented reality display

  • Optional Adjustable Height Configuration with integrated force plates and gaze-tracking

  • Dexterit-E™ experimental control software and hardware

  • Optional Kinarm Standard Tests

Key Features

  • High Performance Robot

    The Kinarm End-Point robot is a stiff, graspable robot that can create highly complex mechanical environments. Optional high-resolution secondary encoders and force/torque sensors provide outstanding feedback signals.

  • Designed for Bilateral Studies

    The Standard System is designed to be bilateral ensuring simultaneous control of both Kinarm End-Point robots which is essential for comparison of inter-arm performance, and the study of bimanual coordination. Any unilateral system can be upgraded to bilateral post purchase (subject to component availability).

  • 2D Virtual/Augmented Reality

    Optional 2D virtual reality display for natural, intuitive presentation of visual stimuli.

  • Modular Design

    Kinarm End-Point Labs are modular in design, providing a simple way to build a lab over time as needs and funds expand. Start with a single, robot and data acquisition system and upgrade later to a deluxe lab with two robots and integrated virtual/augmented (subject to component availability).

  • Standing or Sitting Use (optional)

    An Adjustable Height configuration is available for postural research to enable use of the robots while the subject is standing on force plates or sitting; compatible with subject sizes ranging from 38″ (96.5 cm) (~5 yrs old) to 84″ (2.1 m) tall.

    Any existing Kinarm End-Point Lab can be upgraded to the AHC.

  • Integrated Gaze-Tracking (optional)

    A head-free gaze-tracker solution that: simplifies experimental set-up, ensuring nothing interferes with the head which is especially important in clinical research; and is easily accommodated in the Kinarm Virtual Reality System where space is limited.

    Kinarm users benefit from an exponential increase in experimental possibilities, without the headache of having to customize and coordinate multiple hardware solutions.

    Any existing Kinarm Lab can be upgraded to include gaze-tracking.

  • Easy To Use and Powerful

    System includes Dexterit-E behavioural control and data acquisition software, which combines the power of a real-time operating system with the ease of a Windows™-based interface. Kinarm Standard Tests can be used to enable immediate data collection, analysis and reporting, without the need for programmers.

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